50 Gm Odomos - Mosquito Repellent

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Product Description:

  • 50 Gm Odomos - Mosquito Repellent
  • Odomos Is A Clinically Proven Brand Of Mosquito Repellent That Offers The Most Effective Protection From Mosquitoes, The Carriers Of Deadly Viruses That Cause Diseases Like Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Filaria And Encephalitis Etc.
  • Independent Institutes Have Clinically Tested And Certified Odomos To Be One Of The Best Protector Against Mosquito Bites For As Long As 12 Hours.
  • Contrary To Popular Perception, Diseases Like Dengue And Chikungunya Are Spread By Daytime Mosquitoes. Children, When They Venture Out To Play In Gardens Or Even While In School, Are At Risk Of Being Bitten By These Mosquitoes.
    Even People In Offices Are At Risk Of Falling Sick After Being Bitten By These Mosquitoes.
    Odomos Is The Only Personal Application Product That Offers Users Complete Protection From Daytime Mosquitoes That Spread Such Life-threatening Diseases.
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